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9200 Olive Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132
(314) 997 – 2301

St. Charles:

3150 Elm Point Industrial Dr.
St. Charles, MO 63301
(636) 724 – 7601


605 Washington Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63101


9955 Winghaven Blvd.
O’Fallon, MO 63368
(636) 265 – 1234
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We're Reinventing
BBQ Restaurants

Sugarfire Has The Best Smokehouse BBQ In O'Fallon, St. Charles, St. Louis City and St. Louis County

We built Sugarfire Smoke House to be different than most top rated Saint Louis and St. Charles County BBQ restaurants. From the use of local ingredients, to the awesome culinary exploits of our world-trained chefs and pit masters, the barbecue we make is exceptional. We are consistently ranked among the best BBQ restaurants in the metro area. Much of what we provide at our restaurants in St. Louis (Olivette and Downtown), O'Fallon (Winghaven), and St. Charles and is very unconventional. Most St. Louis County barbecue restaurants have a very limited menu. That's not the case at Sugarfire! Can't find a smoked brisket cheese steak sandwich, smoked fried artichokes with lemon aioli, pork belly hush puppies with jalapeno jelly, or an adult's only Chocolate Peanut Butter Bourbon Shake at other St. Charles or O'Fallon BBQ restaurants? No problem. Sugarfire makes your dirty little food dreams come true every day. Like many St. Louis barbecue restaurants we offer the best traditional smoked meats like baby back ribs, juicy pulled pork, and the best beef brisket in town. We also offer amazing Artisan BBQ. Our top rated Artisan BBQ will delight your taste buds with unconventional, unique, and adventurous flavor combinations you can't find at other St. Charles, O'Fallon, or St. Louis barbecue restaurants. Give Sugarfire Smoke House a try and see how we're smoking the standards for the best BBQ in Missouri.

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Daily Menu

Our Chefs

  • Mike Johnson

    Mike Johnson Master Chef / Partner

    Mike has always considered himself a pacifist. As a child, his father told him never to hit anyone in anger, unless he was absolutely sure he could get away with it.

    Mike started cooking in several Saint Louis restaurants at a young age. Soon after high school, he moved to New Orleans and worked for a young Emeril Lagasse. He then went to work for Emeril’s friend Charlie Trotter in Chicago, and then Gabino Sotellino at Un Grand Cafe/Ambria. After that he journeyed to Chartres, France for a stint at the famed Le Buisson D’Ardent.

    Mike then returned to the US to work for Belgian Master Chef Daniel Joly at Mirabelle in Beaver Creek, and then on to work for Joachim Splichal from the famed Patina restaurant group’s Napa Valley outpost, Pinot Blanc. He then returned to St. Louis to design and own several of Saint Louis’s favorite restaurants, including Cafe Mira, Roxane, Barcelona, Momos, Boogaloo, El Scorcho, and several other embarrassing ones that he would like to not mention.

    Mike turned to barbecue after spending time with Myron Mixon from Pitmasters at his school in Unadilla, Georgia.

  • Dave Molina

    Dave Molina Chef / Partner

    Dave is and has always been the big toe of Sugarfire. No, not because eventually you’re going to bang him on your coffee table, but, because a kitchen without a leader is like a foot without a big toe, and dave is just that type of hallux.

    Dave came up working at some great Saint Louis restaurants, then went on to the Boundry in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2002, he returned to Saint Louis, and became the executive chef at Barcelona, then the corporate chef of the Barcelona Group with restaurants in Saint Louis and Indianapolis.

    Dave would also like to add that he is very single.

  • Carolyn Downs

    Carolyn Downs Pastry Chef / Partner

    Carolyn may be as sweet as her pies, but she won’t hesitate to pop the chefs over the head with her rolling pin if they get out of line.

    Carolyn has been making pies and desserts in St. Louis’ best restaurants for over 30 years. As pastry chef/owner of dessert favorite Cyrano’s, she has won best desserts in St. Louis from every St. Louis publication too many times to count. She makes all the pies and desserts at Sugarfire from scratch, every day at the restaurant.

  • Clint Whittemore

    Clint Whittemore Chef Plongeur

    Clint is a Libra, who enjoys skinny-skiing and going to bullfights on acid. But then who doesn’t? He’s also an award-winning chef that studied with greats like French Master Chef René Bajeux and Emeril Lagasse.

    Clint Whittemore Brings over 19 years of culinary and craft beer experience to the company. Most recently the Executive Chef/ Beer Buyer at The Market at Busch’s Grove, Clint has won awards from the Riverfront Times for “Best Gourmet Takeout”, and St. Louis Magazine for “Best Soups” in 2009. Clint began his career in San Francisco at the California Culinary Academy. While there, he worked at two well-known restaurants – Fog City Diner and Rubicon.

    He continued his experience in New Orleans with Emeril Lagasse, Anne Kearney, and French Master Chef René Bajeux. While in New Orleans he was invited to Cape Town South Africa to be the Guest Chef at the Cape Grace Hotel. Clint has worked at several restaurants in St. Louis such as Bastante, Liluma, and The Schlafly Tap Room where he was the Chef and General Manager.

  • Adam Pritchett

    Adam Pritchett BBQ Chef

    I was born in Keokuk, Iowa, where I was exposed to a wide range of culinary delicacies at a young age– including yellow corn, white corn, cornmeal, and popcorn.

    • The most private thing I will admit about myself: I once tried to make my own Cheetos.
    • The first thing people usually notice about me: My ninja sword.
    • Message me if you would like to share a piece of cornbread with me.
  • Casey Jovick

    Casey Jovick Chef / Butcher

    Casey, a so called meat nerd, at one time was on top of the world – a certified butcher at Bauman’s in Brentwood and member of the pit crew at Pappy’s Smokehouse, one of the best BBQ restaurants in the U.S.

    He was just like a drop of water on a mountain of success, but then one day he started sliding down the mountain, and he thought, wait a minute, I’m a mountain top water drop. I don’t belong here in this river, this valley, this low dark ocean with all these ordinary drops of water. Then one day it got hot, and he evaporated way up in the air, much higher than any other mountain top, all the way into the heavens. Then he understood that it was at his lowest he was closest to God. Life’s a journey that goes round and round and the end is closest to the beginning. So change was needed, and he relished the journey.

    Anyway, now he works here.

  • Jose Manuel Romo

    Jose Manuel Romo Jack-of-all-Trades

    According to Jose’s official paperwork, he was born in 1987 in Cleveland, Ohio, and named Ronald Reagan, after his parents’ hero. He later changed his name to pursue an acting career and did not want to be confused with the other thespian.

    Jose Manuel Romo is the glue that holds Sugarfire together and it’s most trusted compadre. Jose and Mike have been friends and coworkers for upwards of 15 years. He currently runs the restaurants custodial program, but is a jack-of-all-trades, as he is also a master plumber, carpenter, electrician, and occasional male model.

    According to sources, Jose was the inspiration for Erik Estrada’s character in the Latin American soap opera Dos Mujeres, un Camino.

Media & Reviews

  • Best New Restaurant Showdown

    Best New Restaurant Showdown

    Here’s a notice to the Chicken Littles who think St. Louis’ restaurant sky is falling: The dining scene here is as robust as ever. In the September issue’s “Best New Restaurants” feature, the SLM dining team features its biennial list of the region’s best new restaurants. Foodies vote for their favorites among 32 of the […]

  • The 5 Best Cheeseburgers in St. Louis

    The 5 Best Cheeseburgers in St. Louis

    Obviously, you’re going to go to Sugarfire Smokehouse for the barbecue. But don’t underestimate the burger. Grass-fed beef from Rain Crow Ranch in Cape Girardeau is hand-packed daily and blended from chuck, brisket and boneless short rib. They’re thin, so go for the double — it comes with two slices of cheddar cheese, and your […]

  • Best Barbecue St. Louis 2013

    Best Barbecue St. Louis 2013

    Sugarfire Smoke House may be the new kid on the block, having opened just last September, but it now stands at the very summit of the St. Louis barbecue kingdom. The menu is innovative — no other barbecue joint in town would dare offer a smoked portobello sandwich — but it does right by all […]

  • OUT TO LUNCH: Sugarfire’s Big Muddy

    OUT TO LUNCH: Sugarfire’s Big Muddy

    The Big Muddy is a feat of culinary architecture – a massive stack of smoked sausage, beef brisket, lettuce and pickles that is literally oozing a wicked combo of spicy horseradish and sweet barbecue sauce from the sides. The smoked sausage is aggressively seasoned, with a casing that retains a satisfying “snap” even though it […]

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(314) 997-2301
9200 Olive Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63132

Open 11am – SOLD OUT.
(Dine in, Take-out, or delivery)

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St. Charles

(636) 724-7601
3150 Elm Point Ind. Dr.
St. Charles, MO 63301

Open 11am – SOLD OUT.
(Dine in, Take-out, or delivery)

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(636) 265-1234
9955 Winghaven Blvd.
O’Fallon, MO 63368

Open 11am – SOLD OUT.
(Dine in, Take-out, or delivery)

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605 Washington Ave.
Saint Louis, MO 63101

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